How to Install YouTube Vanced in Android | Best Youtube Alternative App For Android

YouTube is free-source app which is better than the native Premium YouTube with additional benefits. Here's how to install YouTube Vanced in Android

Since we come away far with YouTube which is one of the major and free platforms of entertainment. Previously, we must see the ad from content-creator mostly, but these YouTube is also experimenting with the ads and we see more variety of ads these days. While there is no solution and expect to purchase or opting for YouTube Premium Subscription. But there is some modded version of YouTube that reduces ads. One of such modded app is YouTube Vanced.
YouTube Vanced looks exactly like the official YouTube app, with a Pink, Dark, Blue, Black theme. You can sign in to your YouTube account, upload videos, or even go live and every option that you found in the official YouTube app.

The benefit of YouTube Vanced

Like the official YouTube app, you can do browsing and uploading but there are still some special thing that you might interest in:
1. It can play YouTube videos in the background which work flawlessly. It might be helpful if you are watching something and you must move to the home screen or lock screen. The transition is seamless, and the playback doesn't freeze for a while. Hey but, be aware of what you are watching or playing as it doesn't stop even after locking your device.
This might be helpful for those also who don't want a subscription for YouTube Music. Just creating a playlist of favorite music or video can work flawlessly.
2. There are no ads in the app, no banner ads, or pre-roll video ads but it still has search ads.
3. It has also support for PiP - Picture in Picture mode - unless your smartphone doesn't support this.
4. It has also an auto-repeat which wasn't in the previous versions and it also works in the background. The auto-repeat is currently removed since it's broken while it might come in the future but not soon as the developer mentioned.
5. The YouTube Vanced has also featured swipe controls for brightness and volume and for better usability, it also comes with swipe threshold and swipe padding which you can adjust as per your need. 
The Swipe Control for the brightness and volume is currently colliding with the newly introduced swipe up for landscape mode and swipe down to portrait mode. It works well when your video overs but it could get fixed in the future but for now, you can choose between these options based upon your priority.[Updated]
6. The latest update brings Sponsor Block Settings from which the app automatically skips sponsored portion of the youtube video. [Updated]

The disadvantage of YouTube Vanced

1. There is no option to download a video in the YouTube Vanced app which is not even in the official YouTube Vanced and according to the developers, there won't be any, ever. But you can still save the video in offline mode for a few days like the official YouTube. You can now download videos for offline usage.
2. The first boot of the app is slower. But after playing any video, there won't be any buffer or app crashes if your internet and device are in good condition. This issue has been fixed.

How to install YouTube Vanced? [Updated]

Well, YouTube Vanced is now much closer to the original YouTube Premium app than ever. So, after reading such an impressive feature and pitch-Dark mode (now you can only install black or greyish/ native color Youtube Vanced), if you are decided to install the app, here's the way for it.
1. To install YouTube Vanced app, you have to install 1 app (but technically it is 3 app in total):
  • Vanced Manager app from where you can download 2 apps - MicroG for YouTube vanced and YouTube Vanced 
  • MicroG for YouTube, that is needed to sign in to your YouTube account. (If you escape this, you can use YouTube Vanced, but you can't sign in, check history, and download offline videos)
  • YouTube Vanced is just the original YouTube with Premium account with additional features like Sponser Block functionaity, Swipe up for Brightness and Volume, and to fix the resolution of the video to be played on data or wifi and many more
2. If you downloaded Vanced Manager, just install it and open it and then choose for Rooted or Non-rooted handset. 
For Non-Rooted devices, you have to install both MicroG and YouTube Vanced but for Rooted devices, you only need to install YouTube Vanced app.
YouTube Vanced for Non-Rooted Device
YouTube Vanced for Rooted Device

3. After installing, open YouTube Vanced then sign in by visiting the profile icon in the top right corner. 
Now, it's all done! If you wish you can set YouTube Vanced as default and disable the native YouTube app.

If you are worried about security then I would like to tell you that it uses Google page to sign up and whenever you want, you can delink your google account from YouTube Vanced. So, this is 100% secure. Although I am also using this app since last December but didn't feel anything shady and it almost feels like the official YouTube app with the much-needed option and obviously the best dark mode which is black. And till now, I hadn't experienced any issue. Based on this, I can recommend this to you.

Note: GeekySparrow does not endorse to use of any third-party YouTube Apps as these are unauthentic ways to access YouTube data