How to Remove Windows 10 Weather Widget

Bring back the clutter free taskbar on your Windows 10 system

Recently, Windows  10 has got the Weather widget in the taskbar and if you have enabled automatic updates on Windows 10, you definitely have noticed this new weather and news widget in the taskbar. This new "News and Interests" widget was added by Microsoft with the version 1909 update and this seems really nice if you can't look beyond the 'new' tag. This new widget comes with inconsistent design elements, cluttering the simple and clean taskbar and it is what that no one has asked for. 

The taskbar widget even looks a bit blurry when you compare it with the crisp high-resolution lying around it, which is absurd. (We're are just disappointed, not crazy on you, Microsoft)

Fortunately, you can easily remove the News and Interest section and if you are into that then here's how you can do it.

An image of Windows 10 based folding laptop being used.

Remove Windows 10 News and Interest or Weather Widget

Step 1: Right-click on the "News and Interests" widget which will open the taskbar's context menu.

Step 2: Select News and interest.

Step 3: Click Turn off.

An image showing news and interest widget settings in Windows 10 context menu
In case you ever want to add this widget in the future, you can simply bring the news and interest widget back by right-clicking anywhere on the taskbar and selecting the Show icon and text under the News and interest section in the context menu. You will also see an option named Show icon only, which will show just the small weather icon without the text next to it.

By default, you also have noticed that when you hover the cursor above the News and Interest widget then a large panel with news and weather information pops up. If you want to see the weather information in the taskbar but don't want the panel to pop up whenever you place the cursor at the region or you don't want to see the MSN-based news and updates, then you can disable the news part of the widget.

To do that, right-click on the taskbar and go to News and interest. Now uncheck Open on hover. This will keep the weather widget in the taskbar, but it won't allow the news and information panel to pop up and irritate you unless you click on that widget.

Even if you wish to minimize the data consumption from the news and interest widget or wish it not to refresh too often, you can also do that. Just click on the taskbar and go to News and interest. Now click on Reduce taskbar updates and that's it. 

This is all you can do with this widget which I feel is very irritating and is simply not that great as of now and it consumes my taskbar space and makes it very clutter so I have simply turned it off. If you wish to modify its settings you can do all that by following the above steps and you can also manage your interest (if you use the news section) by visiting here.