Check Out the Most Commonly Used Passwords in 2021; Follow these Steps

NordPass recently shared a report revealing the top 200 most common passwords that users use for their accounts Check them out right here

Check Out the Most Commonly Used Passwords in 2021; Follow these Steps

Nowadays cybersecurity experts and digital security companies keep warning about the dangers of using a weak password for your online presence through various digital accounts but it seems like people can’t get over the “123456” password. That said password topped the list of the top 200 most common passwords of the year for the second year in a row. So, let’s have a look at some of the other common passwords of users on the internet, and maybe by that, you can have a clue about what to avoid and how not to lose your digital accounts.

NordPass, a popular password management company, recently released a report listing the most common passwords that are used by internet users. Among other easy guess passwords like “12345”, “qwerty”, and “password”, the listing revealed that the most commonly used password on the internet is still “123456”.

As per the report, the “123456” password is still being used by the majority which is more than 103 million accounts on the internet so it becomes the most common password on the internet. What is even worse is that the password is so simple that hackers and even a teenager can crack it in less than a second to get into a user account.

The second most commonly used password “123456789” is used by over 46 million accounts while the password “12345” is being operated by over 32 million accounts. Moreover, “qwerty” and “password” are used by over 22 million and 20 million accounts respectively. Notably, the report states that all these passwords can be cracked up by hackers in less than a second.

You can look at the top 8 most common passwords in the image below, or head to NordPass’ report to check out all the 200 most common passwords of the internet.

Check Out the Most Commonly Used Passwords in 2021; Follow these Steps

Why Do You Need a Strong Password?

Now, if you have been on the internet for a while, chances are you got a taste of why a strong password is a must-have nowadays. Passwords like “123456” or “password” are overrun for users’ accounts and it is dangerous in every possible way, especially in recent times when we all depend on our online accounts for most of our transactions, meetings, and other professional activities and for some people their lives depend on it. 

So, if your account is lacking a strong password then most probably it can be cracked by hackers, they can easily gain access to your account and use your personal and financial data against you. Moreover, if you use the same password for multiple accounts, it will get worse as hackers can get into all your online accounts with a single piece of information. 

Hence, if you want to protect your accounts, we suggest you keep a strong password for them. Here are a few tips to keep a strong and secure password.

1. Create passwords including an upper-case letter, a lower-case letter, a numerical, and a special symbol like “@” or ”&”. 

2. Change the password in each quarter.

3. Use a password manager website or application to maintain and remember your password with the help of a single master password. There’s a great option there.

4. If you anyhow using Google Autofill service, try using Google’s Password Checkup every now and then to check on your compromised password.

5. Turn on 2- Step Verification and use authenticator services like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.

6. Check if your email or phone number leaked online via “Have I Been Pwned?